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The Seneca is our two story home with a starting price of $324,900 with a slab foundation. An an unfinished basement option is available starting at $354,900.

4 Bed | 2.5 Bath
Size: 1,428 ft² - Main, 700 ft² - 2nd floor (2,128 sq ft. total)

Base Cost: $324,900

Unfinished Basement: $354,900

Corner Lot: Additional $5,000


  • 3 Car Garage
  • 36″ Gas Fireplace
  • Soaker Tub
  • Kitchen Hood
  • Soft Water System
  • Extra Concrete
  • Backyard Landscaping (fencing not included)
  • And More!

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Prices as listed are NOT guaranteed and are subject to change. The prices provided are a STARTING list price. Because we offer customized finishes, prices are subject to change due to each homeowner’s choices. Prices are made final once color and detail sections have been made, and an itemized estimate has been approved by the homeowner.

(Pricing as of 1/16/2021)


Check out these examples of this floorplan from Phase 1 and Phase 2!

A map of Phase One is available here and Phase Two here as resources if you want to see the homes in person. If you would like a map of Phase 3, make sure to check out the Resources section below.

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