Helpful Moving Tips

Make a Donate Pile Before Moving

Before you decide to start the process of packing up everything to plan to move to your new house, go through your clothes, decorations, kitchen items, etc, and make a give away pile, a throw away pile, and a keep pile. Making a give away (donate) pile saves time because you won’t have to bring both the items that you need and items that you don’t need to your new home. 

Pack Clothes in Garbage Bag

It can be very time consuming to take all of your hanging clothes off of each individual hanger and then fold each item of clothing and put the clothes in a box. A faster way to pack and unpack closet hanging clothes is to leave them on the hanger and put all of the clothes (still on hangers) in a garbage bag. 

Use Colored Packing Tape

Using colored packing tape can save you time and frustration. When you are packing up your boxes, color code each box (using colored packing tape) so that boxes that need to be unpacked in certain rooms can stay together. For example, mark all of your kitchen boxes with blue colored packing tape so that when you unpack, you will know which boxes need to be unpacked in the kitchen. 

Take a Picture of the Back of Your TV

There’s already so much to do when you move from one house to another, so to make the process a little bit easier, take a picture of the back of your TV before unplugging it and packing it up. If you don’t take a picture of where each wire goes in the back of your TV, it could take up precious time when you unpack your TV at your new house and can’t remember which plugin goes where on your TV. 


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