Advantages of Buying a New Home

Advantages of Buying a New Home

From having fewer repairs to getting new appliances that are under warranty, there are a multitude of reasons why buying a new home is a great choice!

New Appliances that are Under Warranty

Compared to older homes, new homes are equipped with new flooring, countertops, paint, etc. A used home will likely have products that may need to be replaced soon after you move in. However, a recently built home will have new appliances that are under warranty. At the Crescent Hills new homes, the appliances have a manufacturer’s warranty and the home is backed the builder one year home warranty. 

Fewer Repairs

With a new home, you won’t have to deal with as many repairs as a used home. Since everything has recently been built in a new house, you won’t have to wonder if the carpet has had too many years of wear, if the light bulbs need replacing, if the walls need to be repainted, or the  if plumbing needs to be fixed. 

Built with the Latest Building Codes

When you buy a new home, it will be built in accordance with the most up-to-date safety regulations and building codes. However, if you buy an older home, home inspections may reveal that the house has an out-of-code violation or more than one violation. 

Option to Have a Semi-Custom Home

One of the greatest advantages of buying a new home is that you can have the option to have a semi- customized home. The builder of the Crescent Hills Subdivision, Alex Meisner, offers home buyers the opportunity to have a semi-customized home. Semi- customs are standard plans for Crescent Hills that can be customized to fit your specific styles and personal needs. 


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